world tour

by zara hemla :: the office (us) :: jim & creed :: g :: what's better than listening to that album about iowa by that stevens kid?

One girl was called Jean Marie
Another little girl was called Felicity
Another little girl was Sally Joy
The other was me, and I'm a boy.
--The Who

"Hey Ryan, did you see?" Jim calls Ryan over to look at his Firefox. "NME says the Who is going on tour again! It's their first world tour in 20 years."

"What?" Ryan looks confused. "Half of that band is dead or something, right?"

"O ye of little faith," grins Jim. "They're replacing Keith Moon with the drummer from Oasis --"

"Oasis?" Ryan makes a barfing noise.

"I know! And some new bassist, and Pete Townshend's brother on guitar! And they're playing Madison Square Gardens. And it's going to rock hard! I'm definitely going."

"I don't think I'd drive two and a half hours, plus New York traffic, to see the drummer from Oasis," says Ryan. "I think to get the Who experience, you had to see them back in the day with a pound of pot in your backpack."

"I saw them in 1970," says Creed, from behind them, and the cameras swing away from Ryan and towards him where he is rocking back in his chair by the window. "In Amsterdam."

Ryan looks away, bored, but Jim swings around again to face him. "What were you doing there?"

"Backpacking with my buddies. We went all over the place that year, but man, we loved Amsterdam." Creed laughs loudly. "All the drugs you could handle, and the women! Dutch chicks hanging all over you. They'd do things with each other that -- well. And one day the Who happened to be in town. It was January, I think, and it was so fuh --" quick look at the cameras -- "very, very cold. We about froze, waiting outside, but they were righteous. They did 'I'm A Boy.' That was my favorite. And I met this gal -- what was her name -- oh well, it doesn't matter. Took her home. Saw Led Zeppelin the next month, too."

Jim looks Creed up and down, smiling. "You're cooler than I thought you were, Sally Joy."

Creed smiles back at him and flips him the bird. "And you're not terribly uncool, for someone whose idea of great music is probably that Stevens kid who wrote about Iowa or whatever." Jim cracks up, looking helplessly at Pam, who makes a face like, what? What are you even talking about?

"Illinois." The cameras swing back over to Ryan, who isn't laughing. "*Sufjan* Stevens' album was called Illinoise."

"Yeah, whatever, kid. When that Stevens guy writes himself a rock opera, you let me know." That makes Jim start laughing again, pounding the desk helplessly and making Dwight squeal in irritation.

"Let's get tickets, Creed," he says. "Hey Pam, you want to go see the Who?"

"Who?" says Pam.


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